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These are insanely good! So soft with such savory flavor. And I like how they are totally adaptable. They can be formed into knots, rolls, or breadsticks. You can tweak the amount of seasonings to your taste. (Are you a garlic lover or a garlic avoider?) I took these recently to a church dinner and they literally didn’t even make it onto the buffet table because people were taking them from my tray before they could get there! Huge crowd pleaser!

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Side Dishes


I have made it my duty to test out every type of sweet-and-hot red pepper jelly (or cranberry jalapeño jelly) and I love them all, but I think this brand from Costco is the winner. And these rosemary crackers (also from Costco) I am OBSESSED with. I have been eating them with ricotta cheese and red pepper jelly pretty much daily for a month. I love this combo and I love how easy it is to assemble. Awesome for an appetizer or mid-afternoon family snack. This combo is so dang good!

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