Hi, I’m Amber. Welcome to my kitchen!

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My Love for Food, I share with you!

I have loved cooking since I was a kid! 

When I was pretty young, I loved to sneak downstairs early in the morning to make breakfast for my 7 siblings and my parents. The food was barely edible, but my family cheered me on and pretended they liked my overcooked scrambled eggs and my ”boiled carrot soup”. Spoiler, the boiled carrot soup was as bad as it sounds.

My Dad taught me how to cook eggs “low and slow” (which, as it turns out is not only a great metaphor for life in general, but is how most foods should be cooked!) and my Mom taught me everything else in the book. The food I was making got better and better and I continued to love the therapeutic process of cooking and baking! Making cinnamon rolls became my trademark as a teen- and I’m here to tell you that decades later, I’ve put in a LOT of practice with cinnamon rolls and my cinnamon roll fetish still lives on! In my humble opinion, my cinnamon roll recipe is the best recipe, ever.

*Please excuse me while I dust off my shoulders*. 

I’m In Love With Sourdough

Sourdough came into my life in 2017, and I have felt so drawn to it ever since. I am amazed by the process of fermentation through sourdough. It’s biblical. It’s life giving. It’s delicious. It’s a mix between nature’s perfect gift to us, and a fun science experiment. I felt compelled to not only master sourdough but teach it to anyone who has any interest. 

I would probably rather spend my time baking sourdough than doing almost anything else!

Ambers Kitchen Sourdough Bread

I believe that sharing is caring.

Connecting with people through food, sharing food with people I love, making food with and for people I love. It’s my happy place! 

I feel strongly that food is meant not only to fuel our bodies, but also as a way to add pleasure and gratitude to our lives. 

Meet the whole crew!

My husband, Jake and I met in college. He was (and still is) an adventure-loving soccer player and I really liked him from the start. On our first date, he took me to some deep, underground caves located in central Utah, (called the Nutty Putty caves that were later permanently closed). In an attempt to win him over, I pretended that I was a brave adventurous girl who loved crawling around in tight, underground, enclosed caves. And for that, he almost married me on the spot 😉

Joke’s on him! 19 years and five kids later and we are happily married, although now he realizes that the kitchen, not caves, is where I prefer to spend my time. He still loves hiking and soccer and the rest of us like to tag along on his mountain adventures now and then. He is one of the good ones- honestly the best man I know!

Together, we have five, awesome kids. They are noisy, messy, expensive, busy, creative, happy, and SO MUCH FUN. Best of all, they are really good kids with hearts of gold and we are so happy that we get to do life with them. Nothing about any of us is “perfect” and it turns out that we don’t have to be perfect to be happy.

And it turns out, they want to eat, pretty much alllllll the time. Which brings us back to food. 

Ambers Kitchen Cooks Family-2

Here’s my personal belief, and I hope it becomes your belief as well:

  • Make delicious food.
  • Make it with love.
  • Sit down with your loved ones.
  • Put distractions out of reach.
  • Enjoy the food.
  • Be grateful for it.
  • Savor it.
  • When satisfied, stand up and get to work.
  • Repeat (3x) daily for best results.