Category: Snacks & Dips


Sausage Queso

There’s nothing wrong with a mouthwatering side of warm chips and sausage queso, that’s for sure!

This is shockingly easy to throw together and so perfectly delicious. Enjoy!

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bowl of homemade green guacamole surrounded by tortillas chips


There’s nothing as satisfying as guacamole!! 

I tried using my chopper just for fun and although it got a little messy, it was sure easy! 

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Side Dishes

Mexican Street Corn Dip

Dip chips into it!

Or eat it with a spoon!

Eat it hot!

Or eat it cold! 

Either way, it’s sooooo good! Like, we can’t stop eating it, it’s so addicting!

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Sauces & Dressings

Jalapeño Jelly

It’s time to spice up your life with a little Jalapeño Jelly! Amazing on sandwiches, over pork loin, on grilled cheese and my favorite- with cream cheese and crackers. And don’t worry, if you are wimpy with the heat (like me) you can make it less spicy by taking out the jalapeño seeds! 

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Jake’s Bean Dip

He’s not one for the spotlight, but I begged Jake to share this recipe because I always get so many DM’s asking for it. Jake usually makes this on Sunday afternoons. It’s easy and it’s good!

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jar of red pickled onions with cilantro and avocado in the background

Pickled Onions

So addicting and so easy to make. When added to the brine, it only takes 30 minutes for them to become “pickled” and they lay in the fridge for two weeks. In this pickled state, they loose their heat and become sweet and tangy. So delish! Enjoy!

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Leprechaun Mint Smoothie

This Leprechaun MINT SMOOTHIE is pretty much the gold at the end of the rainbow!  

It’s amazingly yummy (my 2-13-year-old focus group is obsessed with it) and if you have a good blender then you can make this in less than 3 minutes. And don’t tell the kids but it’s actually NOT full of food coloring and corn syrup! Dare I say, it’s even somewhat healthy! Trust me, this is a must-make this St. Patty’s day. Breakfast OR dessert!

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Christmas Crack

Or call it any-day-of-the-week-crack because it’s so good and addicting. It would be a great thing to bring to a holiday party! Oh and bonus, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and corn-syrup free! 

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Sometimes after school I need something to negotiate with. And if there are muffins waiting for the kids who are done with their after school job, then wahoo! The after school jobs get done!

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